Endorsements for ‘Under Siege’


Don Hutchinson’s Under Siege is a remarkable accomplishment in its embrace of the legal, social, practical concerns of the day. Don’s appearances before the Supreme Court, his own advocacy and research, make him pre-eminently qualified to engage and interpret the relationship between church and society, faith and culture. Hutchinson avoids the us vs. them syndrome that has been too much a part of orthodox faith. More importantly, Hutchinson gives courage and wisdom to the notion that Christians can engage with vigour and integrity a legal and political system that is for all of us.                 – Jeremy Bell, Executive Minister, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada

In Under Siege Don has written an outstanding resource driven book which outlines not only our religious freedoms in Canada, and how our culture has arrived at this point, but how we might best engage today. Under Siege is recommended reading for all followers of Jesus, not just leaders.                                                                                  – Jason Boucher, Lead Pastor, Lifecentre, Ottawa

Don Hutchinson shares his history with religion and religious freedom in Under Siege. The book is like a series of very informative coffee dates. By the end of the book, not only will you be well informed, but you will also feel like you have made a new friend.         – Janet Epp Buckingham, Director, Laurentian Leadership Centre, Professor, Trinity Western University

This book is historically informative, well researched and written with a compelling passion for religious freedom in our country. Under Siege needs to be read slowly and digested to grasp fully where we have come from, where we are today, and where we can go, with God’s help, in the future. This book has deepened my resolve to not believe the myth of neutrality but to be a voice for the Church, for Christ, and for our life-giving message of hope and spiritual transformation. Under Siege is timely, needed and must be read!                                                                                                                                                                                  – Margaret Gibb, Founder and Executive Director, Women Together

This book is profoundly invigorating for readers from any Christian background – and perhaps especially for the spiritually-inclined not presently active in a particular church. Hutchinson’s own faith odyssey is something to move mountains. He weaves together his knowledge of human nature, Christianity, history, politics, the law and Canadian society to produce something that will strike virtually any reader equally firmly in both head and heart.                                                                                             – Hon. David Kilgour, former Member of Parliament, former Secretary of State for Africa and Latin America (1997-2002), Asia-Pacific (2002-2003), Nobel Peace Prize nominee (2010)

Don Hutchinson has offered us a personal, historical and legal perspective in these pages that both inform and persuade the reader of the importance of the current situation in Canada. It was especially interesting to learn about some of the lesser known, but historically very significant contributors in the battle for freedom in our society. The author has been uniquely positioned throughout his career to understand the larger sweep of legal trends in our nation. Politicians, pastors and lawyers need to read this book for the sake of Canada’s future.                                                                                         – Richard Long, Director, Love Ottawa and Executive Director, Together Canada

Who would have believed that Canada would move so far from its Judeo-Christian roots and that religious freedoms, which we have so enjoyed as a first world country, could be slowly taken from us? In Under Siege Don Hutchinson clearly covers this important topic with elegance of text underpinned by meticulous research to present us with a clear picture of where we stand and what the future outcomes could be. Under Siege is a must-read for anyone who values their faith and loves our nation.                                            – David Macfarlane, Director of National Initiatives, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms professes to guarantee freedom of conscience and religion to all Canadians. But in practice, freedom of religion in Canada is “under siege.” I wholeheartedly commend to concerned Canadians Don Hutchinson’s analysis of the challenge and prescriptions for engagement.                                                                                                  – Hon. Preston Manning, Founder, Manning Centre for Building Democracy, former Leader of the Official Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons

In a day when the last acceptable expression of discrimination is against Christians, the Church needs knowledge and understanding to counter it – and my friend’s writing is a good source.  There are few people in the nation with as much experience as Don, who has been one of the frontline fighters for freedom of religion and freedom of expression.                                                                                  – Charles McVety, President, Canada Christian College & School of Graduate Theological Studies

Don Hutchinson asks the question, “Will we engage?” Will Canadians respond with passion to confront injustice, prejudice and persecution, while delivering a message of hope in the spirit of love? Under Siege is the heartbeat of a man I have known for many years. I have found him to be committed to his family and to his faith, a man of wisdom and courage while possessing the attributes of humility and quirky humour.                                                                                      – Gerry Organ, Yield Ottawa Lead with One Way Ministries, former Executive Director, Christian Business Ministries Canada and two time Grey Cup champion with the Ottawa Rough Riders

Don Hutchinson has that rare combination of gifts: a deep thinker, an excellent writer, and able to make complex subjects easily understood. Under Siege is a must-read for Christians who care about the mission Christ gave His church but feel hindered by the current Canadian legal and social environment. Hutchinson puts it all in perspective and gives suggestions for how we can continue to undertake the church’s mission in Canada today.                                    – John Pellowe, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Council of Christian Charities

As a lawyer whose practice is largely focussed on religious freedom litigation, I read about the issues and cases referred to in Under Siege on a regular basis. Don Hutchinson has been able to present a legal and political history of religious freedom in Canada in a manner that is not only easy to follow and understand, but also personal and engaging. It is written for lawyer or layperson and is equally accessible. Having been involved in a number of the cases addressed in Under Siege, I can assure the reader that the book they hold in their hands is unique: it is accurate and educational, while being engaging and personal.                                                                                – Albertos Polizogopoulos, Constitutional Law Lawyer, Partner, Vincent Dagenais Gibson

Religious freedom is not only the first fundamental freedom in the Charter; it is the first of all freedoms. If a person is not free in his relationship with God, where else can he be free? Religious freedom has returned to the global agenda in the twenty-first century, as it is “under siege” from both religious and secular extremists. Don Hutchinson is uniquely situated to tell the story, and it’s a story that urgently needs to be told.                                                                            – Father Raymond J. de Souza, Editor-in-Chief of Convivium.ca, Canada’s site for faith in our common life.

Under Siege is a wonderful contribution to the ongoing discussion about the place of religion in Canada. And I love that I can heartily recommend it to every pew-sitter in Canada. This is not a book for stuffy academics or nerdy policy wonks. Hutchinson’s work is uniquely written for the average Canadian Joe to understand where we’ve come from, where things are at now and where we can go from here on questions of religion and the law.                                  – André Schutten, General Legal Counsel & Director of Law and Policy, Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA)

Don Hutchinson in Under Siege walks us through the critical issues of freedom of religion in a country where one might naively assume its record is stellar. His message is that there is always the need for vigilance. In a time when the secular assumption that faith will soon ebb away carries with it a belief there is no need to protect its freedom this book advises the opposite. A timely and wise warning.    – Brian C Stiller, Global Ambassador, World Evangelical Alliance

Hutchinson does what few have done: make religious freedom human, personal and Canadian. At the same time I feel I am caught up in a brilliant lecture that I don’t want to end.                                      – Michael Van Pelt, President and CEO, Cardus

My colleague, Don Hutchinson from his years of experience, study and wisdom provides in Under Siege a crucial read for those who seriously desire to be salt, light and grace in our country today. Integrating constitutional and legal history with personal anecdotes, biblical perspective and strategic guidance, Don has provided followers of Jesus with a valuable resource as they respectfully engage the contexts and relationships they are called to.                      – David Wells, General Superintendent, The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada