January 28, 2018 - Calvary Community Church, Edmonton, Alberta

  • Don will be speaking on Under Siege: Religious Freedom and the Church in Canada at 150

January 27, 2018Break Forth One, Edmonton, Alberta

November 1, 2017 - Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage

April 1, 2017The Word Guild’s Annual Ottawa Christian Writer’s Conference

February 4, 2017Association of Christian Schools International, Ontario Conference

  • Don will be speaking on the topic Prepared for Pressure: Communicating Christianly, even in a Crisis
  • 4 sessions: 1) Preparing the Messenger 2) Preparing the Message 3) Preparing for the Media 4) Preparing Mission Infrastructure

November 8-10, 2016Canadian Baptists of Western Canada pastors and spouses conference, Banff

  • Don will be speaking twice:
    1. Under Siege or Under Fire: Religious Freedom and the Church in Canada at 150 (Tuesday night)
    2. Under Siege and Under Fire: The Global Church in a Multi-Religious World (Wednesday morning)

March 8-April 12, 2016 (Tuesday mornings) – A Public Faith (see below – 2015)

March 17-April 21, 2015 (Tuesday nights) – A Public Faith – Being a witness in a multi-faith society AND political engagement in a pluralistic world, Ottawa School of the Bible LifeTraining (Graduate Studies) at LIFECENTRE.

  • The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Various religions/worldviews now inhabit both the global and Canadian public space. How do we live together, especially when each religion wants to shape the public realm according to the dictates of its own sacred texts and traditions; and, others argue there should be no public presence of religion? How do Christians engage with the religious pluralism of 21st century public life? In his book (and text for this course) A Public Faith Miroslav Volf offers thoughts on how to live a life of Christian witness in a multifaith society and how to participate in the arena of political public policy development in a pluralistic world.

November 7, 2014“Good News in the Morning” radio program fundraising dinner, Ottawa

  • Don will be speaking on The Importance of Religion in Politics
  • Religion and politics are the two things it has been said should not be discussed at dinner or in polite company. It’s no wonder people whose lives are founded in Christ often find themselves nervous about the public square – that place where political ideas are discussed and policy decisions are made. We’re polite! Whether it’s the local school board, municipal council, provincial legislature or the Parliament of Canada people who have a firm foundation for life need to find the point at which we engage in the process that determines the framework for the world in which we live. Come to dinner. Let’s have a polite discussion about the importance of religion in life, and particularly in politics.

October 3, 2014National House of Prayer, Ottawa

  • Don will be speaking on Talking to Government – From a Position of Righteousness. This talk is a look at the similarities and the differences in engaging with government on policy and non-policy related issues.

May 26, 2014Fourth Annual Parliamentary Forum on Religious Freedom

  • Don will be speaking on The Canadian Legal System – Friend or Foe of Religious Freedom
  • Don will then be on a panel with Dr. Jim Wallace (Boston U), Dr. Janet Epp Buckingham (Trinity Western U) and Prof. Natasha Bakht (U of Ottawa)